Streaming Into Your Mind Nr.1 in 2002 (golden times)(Retroviews)

Streaming Into Your Mind Nr.1 in Genre Goa in 2002 (golden times)(Retroviews) before your mainstream players… I.V. Magic Underground Wins. You can ignore God/dess, You can censor God/dess, You can ostracize God/dess, You can assault God/dess, you can conspire against God/dess, but that doesn´t stop us from winning eternally, you fools. (addressed to the conspiracy club called NWO incl. all unsupportive zombie enablers, cointelpro/mk ultra perps, loser Gang Stalkers and coward bystanders and the astral spiritual monsters and dod quantum a.i. bci parasites that I exorcized in the Millions during the last 13 years…Kali Yuga, Kali Yuga…we stand strong still..)


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