The Lasertrancer – MAXIMUM PSY

The Lasertrancer – MAXIMUM PSY Lasertrancer 23 Abonnenten The Lasertrancer – MAXIMUM PSY Genre: Goa Trance, Goa, Hyper Goa, Ultra Psy, Psychedelic Trance, Progressive Psychedeliv Trance, Dark Psy, Dark Goa, Dynamic, Full On Psy. Produced in 1999. Full Range Audio. Historical Release Reference: 2 Double CD Albums. 3 Triple CD Albums. Historical-Release-Reference: …

Into the Televerse (Andy Stott Remix)

“Into the Televerse (Andy Stott Remix) 813 Aufrufe 10.08.2018” “Into the Televerse (Andy Stott Remix) · Pablo Bolivar · Andy Stott Gold Series Vol.1 ℗ 2008 Dpress Industries Released on: 2008-02-13”

Edmund- – Love da Records (Deep Spelle Reloaded Remix)

“Love da Records (Deep Spelle Reloaded Remix) 1.610 Aufrufe 08.06.2018 Edmund 915 Abonnenten Love da Records (Deep Spelle Reloaded Remix) · Edmund Red and Black, Vol. 1 ℗ I Records Released on: 2012-09-21 Music Publisher: Cal Vent Music Remixer: Deep Spelle Author: Edmund Composer: Edmund Auto-generated by YouTube.”

Vibrasphere – Wasteland

“Vibrasphere – Wasteland 44.433 Aufrufe30.04.2012” Lasertrancer: 4.7.2021: I agree.. “ vor 3 Jahren (bearbeitet) One of the best trance tracks in history so far. Can listen to it twice without getting bored. There is subtle depth in the background too, if we listen carefully. A bit like sound of birds, massive winds, and the sound …