C-Block – Time is Tickin Away (original HD Video)

“C-Block – Time Is Tickin Away (original HD Video)
252.000 Abonnenten
27 Mio. Aufrufe vor 7 Jahren”

C-Block,Franky Miller – Time Is Tickin Away
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“C-Block – Time is Tickin Away (original HD Video)”

“[Rap 1]
Let’s talk about time
Tickin’ away every day
So wake on up before it′s gone away…”

Time is tickin’ away
You′ve gotta – if your life
Day by day
Happy or sad, good or bad,
Life is to short
You′ve gotta – keep your head [2x]

so listen to the word′s of the song
Tick Tock…
[Rap 2]
The positive message on this tracks is exact the way we feel it
In the nineteen 90′s chillin’…

The world keeps spinning
Around and round
We’ve gotta keep ourselves
From going down
In a world full of passion,
Pleasure and pain
The pressure’s get into my brain.”

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