Dave Clark RED. 2 Wisdom to the Wise

“Dave Clark RED. 2 Wisdom to the Wise”
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Dave Clark RED. 2
Wisdom to the Wise
DuBa Records Cat.No.Bush 1015

“@drexciya2 vor 12 Jahren: Probably one of the greatest techno chooons of all time for that period no one matched him, no one.
vor 12 Jahren
for those who know the diffrence.”

vor 11 Jahren
The thing i love about it is, that it has souch a great synth serving as a groove swing, when its at the same time being a nice mellow melody. Fantastic rhythm.”

vor 12 Jahren
TUNE…wicked shit.”

Strange enough the Original is still better than the 2023 Master…
Mastering is a Real Art…not every Master will top the Original Raw Thing.

“Wisdom to the Wise (2023 Remaster)
Dave Clarke”

vor 2 Wochen
I played the original at the end of January 24 at the Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf in a 92-96 techno set. After 30 years, people were still dancing like crazy to it.
vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet)
Don’t think the youth of today would have handled Dave Clarke live..classic!!
vor 1 Monat
Soundtrack to my youth. The 90s were fantastic.
vor 1 Monat
vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet)
<3 immortal composition <3.”

“Dave Clarke – Wisdom To The Wise (Red 2) (Robert Hood Remix)
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Bring the lights down, bring the lights down , we’re gonna do something real serious! If you have a lighter in your pocket, light it up! Released 1996! More info http://www.discogs.com/release/18051”

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