Psychedelic Tranceforce is Ingmar Veeck solely. I created it for diversification.

Psychedelic Tranceforce is Ingmar Veeck solely. I created it for diversification, due to the fact that I had so many Tracks created in a very short time. The cover is from my Page. I designed it.

Remember: The Vulgar Pseudonyms were not of my choice, I had no influence on those names, it borders on defamation of character what this A&R and/or the Label Staff did with the poor name choices and one time he used Psychedelic Tranceforce for another Band, but this is 100% my Pseudonym, like Gigamorphosys and I.V. Magic, I – The Magician, the rest is deliberate pseudonym flooding and sometimes even complete degenerate desecration and name bullshitting, neither was that my idea, nor had I influence on those name generations.

There are only 3 foreign pseudonyms that I deem acceptable that is King of Trance, Multi Freeman and The Translator.

By extension these 5 are also Tolerable: The Millennium Traveller, The Technician, Laser Ray, The Provider, Archangel Gabriel in French.

So altogether 8 (foreign) + 5 (own-created (Gigamorphosys, Psychedelic Tranceforce, I.V. Magic, The Lasertrancer, I – The Magician)) are legit…

The Rest is Name-Trashing for the sake of Masking, not my way and not my style.

The Later the Releases of Ramshorn Productions, the more shameless their name mutations, they also started to mutate the track names, especially starting from 2005 on… and 2012. Where they were endlessly recycling my old tracks in hope for generating more profit, obviously.

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