Solar Fields – Unite

„Solar Fields – Unite
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Label: Ultimae Records
Catalog #: inre044
Country: France
Released: 08 Dec 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient
Solar Fields is Magnus Birgersson of Goteborg, Sweden. He has released eleven albums ranging from beatless ambient to hard hitting trance. In 2007 he began composing the interactive soundtrack to EA/Dice’s „Mirror’s Edge“. More info on
Solar Fields at
Easily the absolute best on Origin #01 and right on up there with Sol, Jeezlh, Cocoon Moon, Combinations, & others. The build up and amount of energy in this is stunning.
I was lucky to stumble across this picture. It’s exactly what I envision for this track.“
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UniteSolar Fields – Unite. [71333]
/(Anti-Oblivion) /(Exocortex) /(Philogen)

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