Robert Miles – Children [Dream Version]

“Robert Miles – Children [Dream Version]
210.297.154 Aufrufe30.12.2011”

vor 3 Tagen
Amazing this song was created originally to reflect to reflect death and suffering of children in the Balkans war but the morphed into helping slow down the beat in thr clubs in Italy to help prevent the Saturday Night Slaughter of the clubbers who were driving under the influence of drugs and to save the children. Ultimately it succeeded and also created anx entire new genre of music!! RIP”
Roxie Perez
“The Grand Sound
vor 4 Jahren
R.I.P. Robert Miles you taught me to love Trance music in my childhood!”
vor 7 Monaten
Jinn Bone
vor 2 Tagen
I will always love and miss the 90’s no matter what.”

“Garden of Eden
vor 3 Wochen
This makes me feel nostalgic. I miss my childhood, everything was an adventure and I was so happy being young and in love with life. Now at 34 im battling with a lot of things, I´ve never felt so jaded and sad especially at the state of this world. When you first awaken spiritually you see things that you were once blinded to, it broke my heart and I havent been able to unsee. The only good thing that came of it was that I went from being an ignorant atheist to actually becoming Christian after some revelations and personal experiences. I know there is more to this than what we think we know……..I take comfort from knowing that I am never truly alone……..anyways. take care out there everyone! Yes, life is hard sometimes, but just know that you aren´t alone…….God loves you, I love you and you were born for a time such as this so hold on and push through, because I will be doing the same. Pray for peace! Pray for righteousness to return to the earth….pray for everyone. Xxxxx

vor 2 Jahren
This is like the Quintessential PC song xD I heard this so much in the 90s xD

Tim Snow
vor 3 Tagen
Another truly amazing artist who created so much beautiful music, we are eternally grateful ❤️ Rest in Peace Roberto Miles 🙏💕

Lord Johnny
vor 1 Woche
Man I wish I was born in the early 80’s…..for the cars…and for the music.”

vor 1 Monat
Biggest song in SE Asia in 1996. The days when Koh Phangan and Goa were still good….but the change was coming, you could see and feel it. The mid/late 90s were our final grasp at something truly special. Hedonism, bohemian travel culture, simplicity without the overabundance of technology and communication. Those places don’t remotely resemble what they once were. I wish I had know just how special the late 80s & 90s were. I would have warned my future self to hold on tight and really take it all in. It’s not my favorite song by any means, & certainly got overplayed….but there’s no denying it’s place in dance music history /culture. Pure nostalgia.”

vor 4 Tagen
This will never get old.

Donald Johnson
vor 1 Tag
Endless classic, R.I.P 🙏”

“Javier Barrios
vor 1 Monat
The peak of human civilization.”

“Michael Official
vor 4 Tagen
When they go to Mars bring this music with you.”

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