Chant of the Mystics: Veni Sancte Spiritus – Come Holy Spirit – Divine Gregorian Chant – 2h Version

“Chant of the Mystics: Veni Sancte Spiritus – Come Holy Spirit – Divine Gregorian Chant – 2h Version
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Premiere am 16.05.2021
Patrick Lenk
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“Veni Sancte Spiritus” is an ancient christian mystical prayer, used to achieve unity with the Divine spark and Spirit that lies deep within you, Divine Inspiration and Divine Transformation of your being. Today, after seeing spiritual and religious core truths corrupted and externalized to such an extent, it’s nessecary to emphasize and reclaim this original understanding that can be found in almost every mystical tradition on earth.

It’s not about external things, but about you connecting with the Divine Dimension, hidden deep in yourself, overcoming the actual state of lower ego and our fallen nature. Once this inner connection is made, its higher forces illuminate ones being and liberate from illusion, disconnection and external control. It’s about time to reclaim what is ours.”

“Martin Bradley: vor 8 Monaten:
I absolutely love this. So refreshing. This is how we truly adore and worship our Lord in the Roman Latin Rite of the Holy Mass. Feel so blessed…Purifies and sanctifies the mind body and soul.

Martin Bradley: vor 8 Monaten (bearbeitet):
Divine Gregorian Chants in Latin such as “Come Holy Spirit” and the “Holy Rosary in Gregorian Chant” cleanses out a home of evil spirits, demonic entities and negative energies when played aloud. They can’t stand it…”

“Matt Sharkey
vor 8 Monaten
The ultimate fire for the soul that burns away all iniquities and suffering!! God bless!”

“R243sq Sq342r
vor 8 Monaten
Brother I feel like I am in heaven!”

“Kathryn W
vor 7 Monaten
Beautiful…. a touch of Heaven.”

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